Hey peeps!

I haven’t been on for sooooo long and I apologize for that. I have had a few setbacks with my game and I’ve been discouraged from starting over :(. I’ve haven’t been taking pictures recently or editing videos because I’ve been so busy with school. But, I have been working on digital art which I’ll show in the next post.



Good News! + The second episode of the Rail and Gail Podcast is up!!!!

Let’s start off with the good news, we are now an official podcast on Anchor which means that you can listen to our the segments we have on our station in the episodes tab on our page. Just remember to download the Anchor in the Google or Apple app store. I’ll be re-uploading our first podcast soon so it can be an episode.



Who Has The Best Patterns? Sewing for Beginners Series: A Rail and Gail Podcast

Hey All!

Here’s our first video in the Sewing for Beginners Series and our second video in our Rail and Gail Podcast. In this podcast, we talk about the best and worst patterns (in our opinions) and give advice on how to read patterns.


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This Cosplay is Tearing Us A Part

Hey Tweeties!


In May me and Gail from Gail’s Creative Design (a.k.a my mom) hosted a panel at Momocon, the panel was This Cosplay is Tearing Us A Part were we discussed the do’s and don’ts of commissioning cosplay from friends and family. We had a blast talking with everyone there and I have audio from our panel that I put on Youtube (<- click here). It is in three parts and so far 1/3 is up.


Thank You for everything!


Taila’s Headband Tutorial/ Walkthrough

Note: So sorry for the lack of photos I just decided to do a tutorial and, the paint I’m using is Martha Stewart’s craft paint in Greek Tile and wedding cake.

What you’ll need:

  • Clay (air dry)
  • Xacto knife
  • Paint (blue and white, glitter paint is optional)
  • Brush
  • Hair clips
  • Glue ( Hot glue recommended)
  • sand paper

Step 1:

Find a good reference picture for your headpiece. Take your clay and roll it into a ball, on a flat surface lay some tracing paper (or something similar) and, roll out your clay so it is nice and flat.


Step 2:

With the Xacto knife start shaping the two headpieces into the exact shape in the reference photo. Then put the remaining clay into a resealable bag and let the pieces dry.

Step 3:

Once they’re dry,  sand them until smooth then dust them off (with a paint brush or something). Now apply a white base coat (two at best), while that is drying mix one dab of blue paint with 4 dabs of white until it is ice blue. When your pieces are finished drying apply the ice blue paint first (1-2 coats depending on your paint) then make an outline with your darker blue paint and fill it in. Then shape and reshape the darker parts until satisfied.


Optional Step:

Once very thing is dry coat it with varnish then that dry then add 3 coats of glitter paint letting each coat dry in between.

And here’s what it should look like (or better):


Step 4:

Take a hair clip and separate the top from the bottom and add some glue very carefully to the top. Now stick it onto the back part of the headpiece and hold it until it’s dry.


Step 5:

DONE SON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you for reading I also have a video on Youtube if you want to check it out.




E.C. West Elementary School Mother/Son Dance

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In March I got an amazing opportunity to take pictures for E.C. West Elementary School Mother/Son Dance. It was an amazing event and I was very honored to be their photographer. I took over 100 pictures that event and started editing the day after. Although photography isn’t my major, I thought I did a pretty good job shooting/ editing. This was my first time doing professional photography so, of you have any tips and tricks, or critiques, I need them but, please be polite.